6 Tips for Successfully Potty Training Your Child and Choosing the Right Potty

6 Tips for Successfully Potty Training Your Child and Choosing the Right Potty

Congratulations on deciding to potty train your child! This is a big step in their development and an exciting time for both of you. However, it can also be a challenging process. Here are some tips to help you successfully potty train your child and choose the right potty.

1. Timing is everything:

Before you start potty training, make sure your child is ready. Look for signs that they are ready to start using the potty, such as showing interest in the bathroom or telling you when they need a diaper change. Starting too early can lead to frustration and setbacks.

2. Make it fun:

Potty training should be a positive experience for your child. Make it fun by letting them pick out their own potty, reading potty training books together, and celebrating their successes.

a. Let's Go to the Potty!: A Potty Training Book for Toddlers


  • Age-appropriate content―Get toddlers interested in potty training with easy-to-understand, child-friendly language and images.
  • On-the-job potty training―Your little one can enjoy this book while on the potty, helping them develop positive feelings about the potty and reinforce their learning.
  • Support for all toddlers―An inclusive, gender-neutral approach makes it easy for any toddler to see themselves in the story.

3.Choose the right potty:

There are many different types of potties available, so it's important to choose the right one for your child. Look for one that is the right size for your child, comfortable, and easy to clean.

a. Summer Step by Step Potty, Neutral  – 3-in-1 Potty Training Toilet

  • 3-STAGE POTTY: The Summer Step by Step toddler toilet and stepstool is a complete 3-stage potty-training system that grows with your child.
  • STAGE 1: Use it as a stand-alone potty with a soft contoured seat for comfort.
  • STAGE 2: Snap off the toilet topper and securely place it on a standard adult toilet for transition.
  • STAGE 3: The base converts into a stepstool, allowing your toddler to reach the toilet or sink for hand washing.
  • ADDITIONAL FEATURES: Includes a flushable wipes holder and toilet tissue dispenser for added convenience.

b. Real Feel Potty with Wipes Storage, Transition Seat & Disposable Liners - Realistic Toilet 

  • Real-feel potty with flushing sound and cheers for your child.
  • Cushioned seat with color options for both boys and girls.
  • Built-in splash guard for cleanliness.
  • Removable seat doubles as independent training seat for standard toilets.
  • Custom fit liners for easy cleaning and odor control (5 free liners included).
  • Easy-to-clean removable inner bowl.
  • Spacious baby wipe compartment and extendable rod for toilet paper.
  • Non-slip grips for secure usage.
  • Light and compact design for easy transport.

4. Be consistent:

Consistency is key when it comes to potty training. Make sure you have a routine and stick to it. Take your child to the potty at regular intervals and praise them for any progress they make.

5. Don't pressure your child:

Potty training can be a stressful time for your child, so it's important not to pressure them. If they have accidents, don't get upset or punish them. Instead, encourage them to keep trying and offer plenty of praise and support.

6. Be patient:

Potty training is a process that takes time, so it's important to be patient. Don't get discouraged if your child has setbacks or takes longer to learn than you expected. Keep encouraging them and celebrating their successes.