About UniCoffeeCorn


Nationality: Taiwanese

Occupation: A mom of 2 girls, Freelance Educator, Artist and Tutor

Name: UniCoffeeCorn

Background: Hi, I'm UniCoffeeCorn, a passionate individual from Taiwan and a proud mother of two wonderful girls. In 2014, I made the decision to move to Germany, where I have built my own family. Over the years, I have developed a strong command of the German language, reaching a C1 proficiency level.

Interests: From an early stage of motherhood, I discovered my deep interest in problem-solving, child education, yoga, arts, and languages. Witnessing my children grow and thrive became a catalyst for my desire to learn more about teaching and child education. It fills me with a great sense of accomplishment to see them develop and understand the world around them.

The joy of seeing my children's progress and their growing understanding of the world has sparked a sense of purpose in me. It has led me to further explore the realms of child education, seeking out knowledge, and learning effective teaching techniques. I firmly believe that a solid foundation in early childhood education is crucial for a child's overall development and success.

Apart from my dedication to child education, I also find solace and fulfillment in practicing yoga. It not only helps me maintain physical and mental well-being but also provides a sense of balance in my life. Additionally, my love for arts and languages continues to thrive as I explore creative outlets and deepen my understanding of different cultures.

In this blog, I will provide insights, personal experiences, and valuable ideas on the education of children, fostering a nurturing living environment, and exploring compelling and worthwhile products

UniCoffeeCorn represents a mother who relishes the simple pleasure of sipping coffee as a mature adult, while maintaining a childlike passion for creative endeavors. It is not just a cyber name but an embodiment of my journey as a mother, a learner, and a passionate advocate for child education. I am committed to creating a nurturing and stimulating environment for my children and supporting their growth every step of the way.